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This environment is designed to provide Kenyans of all walks of life in the UK a communication and networking platform which highlights the social activities and structural programs of the Kenyan community in Merseyside.


The website is carefully designed to provide an honest appraisal of the organisation’s growth and progress. It lays out KCA's key activities and incorporates the future of the organization's charitable work. KCA's vision and strategic planning are vital to the continued development of the Kenyan community in Merseyside and beyond. 


KCA programmes  encourage excellence in education, approriate social skills, character building and citizenship for the youth whilst strenghtening the traditional family unit. Our Health promotion strategies seek to tackle health inequalities and to increase community capacity for BME people in decision making with regard to lifeystle choices. 


KCA recognises and values good health therefore most of the programmes are centred on offering heallth education and information, as well as healthy life styles and promoting educational achievements, good citizenship and community cohesion. 


We are passionate about promoting family health through strengthening and support of the family unit system. One of our main priorities is to tackle Health inequalities and marginalisation through community empowerement and active engagement. 


We desire to raise awareness to young people in areas of sexual, health, education and offer mentorship oppurtunites and role models from resources Ethnic minority people as well as exploring and lifestyles behavours that can affect their health and well being.


KCA consistently seeks to promote good parenthood, thrift & enterprise and social integration within the larger Community. 


For the very young, we have programs such as multi-skills for under 10 years group, dancing classes for young girls, football team for boys, and Aerobics for all age groups. In essence this promotes holistic approach through positive life values we become a link in the change or transforming force towards the good social order we all desire.


KCA strives to promote African traditional and cultural values, social integration and wellbeing while maintaining excellent working relations with Merseyside Police, neighbourhood forums and other local community associations or groupings.


Therefore, KCA works in partnership with the Chara Trust (http://www.charatrust.org.uk/), who have been instrumental in building the capacity of KCA board and its members.


From time to time we have held workshops and trainings on Healthier living, working in close colloboration with (Workers' Educational Association (WEA) (http://www.wea.org.uk/) in running particular projects that meet our aims as we expand the types of projects that we deliver.

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KCA membership is sustained and boosted primarily by contributions from our registred members. However, we also rely greatly on public generosity, through our various ongoing publicity and/or awareness campaigns withinin the Merseyside Area.


For more information on how to get involved or how to support our programs, please contact us using the information provided.


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