Like a seed, the continent of Africa is just beginning to show the world what it can do. Humanitarian work is a great way of getting Africa onto its feet but this is a continent hungry for work. Here at Mukao Foundation, we want to make use of this hunger with business collaboration and technology transfer.

Business and industry have changed the world as we know it. UK has benefited from the enormous productivity afforded to it during the Industrial Revolution. African countries, by and large, never saw the benefits of this revolution and never went through their own revolutions. This is one of the reasons why the entire GDP of Africa’s 54 countries is less than that of France.

A continent with a long history of exploitation and unrest, Africa is also home to a diverse array of vibrant cultures and peoples with so much to offer. The key to Africa’s future is economic development and business growth. Those in more economically developed parts of the world have the power to accelerate this growth and development through closer ties and investment.

There are clear challenges to developing and promoting business in Africa. This is a continent in which half of the population lives in poverty, two in five adults are illiterate and seven of the ten most unequal economies reside. Economic development on the continent is the only long-term solution to Africa’s desperate poverty.

Mukao Foundation is committed to fostering economic growth and strong business ties between the developed economies especially the UK and Africa in order to pursue the betterment of both. The potential of Africa’s workforce is something that needs to be tapped, for the good of the continent and the rest of the world. Please have a look around the site to see our vision on stimulating Africa’s through our Business – Social Enterprise Hybrid Model.